Price list

Below are the basic prices for the servicing and checking.  Other work not listed here will depend greatly on a case by case situation as this every caravan or motor home is different depending on the job, please ask for a quote.

Note: Any items such as water filters, break away cables, gas hoses etc are additional items and are not covered under the price.

Payment methods - Most payment methods accepted.  Either card payment, bank transfer, paypal, cash or other online methods.

Payment to be made in full at completion of work.

Description Price £ inc VAT
Motor Home Habitation £180.00
Single Axle Service £220.00
Twin Axle Service £240.00
BPW small hub nut - each £5.00
BPW large hub nut - each £7.50
Caravan Chassis £150.00
Caravan Habitation £180.00
Damp Check and Report - FROM £80 £80.00
Pre Purchase Inspection - FROM £180 £180.00
EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) £200.00
Alde fluid change - G13 - 5 year (if carried out at time of service/Hab check) £200.00
Motor Mover Fitting - Single Axle (excludes parts not supplied with your mover) £180.00
Motor Mover Fitting - Twin Axle (excludes parts not supplied with your mover) £220.00
Solar Panel Fitting (excludes parts not supplied with your solar panel) £200.00
Trailer Service £150.00
Fridge Service - From £120 £120.00

Call Out Charge £70 includes first half an hour then £60/hour thereafter (up to approx 20 mile radius of Huddersfield)
** 20-30 miles will be £80
** 30-40 miles will be £90
** 40-50 miles will be £100
** 50-60 miles will be £120
** 60-70 miles will be £140
** 70-80 miles will be £160