Caravan Service

Ensuring your mobile caravan is serviced once a year is important.  Keeping the running gear serviced and maintained is key to getting you to your next weekend or holiday safely.  Ensuring that all the fitted equipment in the caravan is working correctly and safely will ensure you enjoy a stress free break.  Checking the caravan for damp and other issues means that they can be fixed before they get out of control and too expensive.

Single Axle from £220 (as from 0101-2022)

Twin Axle from £240 (as from 0101-2022)

If your keeping your caravan sited and feel you dont need the running gear and road lights checking then the Caravan Habitation might better suit your needs.

The following checks are carried out during the service for both single and twin axals caravans:-

Full gas check

  • Ensure no gas leaks
  • Check copperation of all safety shut off valves / flame failure devices work correctly
  • Check condition of regulator and connecting hose

Any gas leaks will be addressed at time of service, this may involve disconection of the gas appliace.  A further appointment may be needed to remidy the fault.



  • Check the pump operates correctly
  • Check operation of any taps / showers controls
  • Ensure no water leaks noted within the caravan
  • Change water filter if requested



  • Ensure the toilet operates correctly and note any leaks or issues


Electical 240v

  • Check hook up cable, plug and socket condition
  • Ensure polarity is correct
  • Check operation of RCD and MCB's, record trip time of RCD
  • Test all 240v sockets inside and outside
  • Check all appliances work correctly on 240v
  • Check 240v lights work
  • Check battery charger is working
  • Check earth bonding to chassis


Electrical 12v

  • Check condition of leisure battery
  • Check condition of 12N, 12S, 13pin plugs and cables
  • Check operation of road lights and reflectors
  • Check operation of fridge powered from towed veichle
  • Check other caravan apliances, lights and 12v sockets


Fire & Safety

  • Check operation of fire alarm
  • Check operation of CO alarm
  • Check date of fire extinguisher
  • Check Microwave for any leakage


Chassis & Running Gear

  • Check operation of corner steadies and lubricate
  • Check handbrake, lubricate mechanism
  • Check coupling head, gaiter and lubricate
  • Check overrun operation, lubricate
  • Jockey wheel operation and fastening, lubicate
  • Stabaliser pads, clean and check
  • Breakaway cable, check correct type and condition
  • Tyres checked and recorded for age, pressure, wear, damage (recomended tyre changes every 5 years)
  • Brakes. hubs removed, bearings checked, shoes checked for damage, brakes ajusted, new one shot hub nuts fitted.
  • Wheels torqued to manufacture setting.  You will be asked to witness a final torque check on handover of the van



  • Check operation of window
  • Check operation of locker catches
  • Check all blinds and fly screens work
  • Check roof lights operate correctly
  • Check floor for any delamination
  • Full damp check



  • Check seals and trims
  • Check condition of body work
  • Check lockers and hatches
  • Check grab handles are secure
  • Check aerial fittings
  • Check any other external fittings

Please inform us if you have any pre-existing faults or conditions before booking so we can discuss the issue and try to resolve the fault at the time of the appointment.  This is to save any potential disapointment in having to make an additional booking.