The majority of dealers will only fill the system with a G12 fluid this is a blue colour normally and will only last for two years.  After this period the effectiveness of the Glycol content to protect your system begins to deteriorate.  The glycol not only gives anti-freeze properties but also provides lubrication for your pump and an inhibitor to prevent corrosion.


WBS has been trained by ALDE to fault find your appliance if anything goes wrong, plus if under warranty then parts can be changed.  WBS will on your motorhome habitation check or caravan service check your fluid.  The fluid can also be changed if it is deemed necessary.


If you have the fluid changed it will be to a G13 specification which is a pinky purple colour.  You will get a sticker on your header tank to state when the fluid was changed, when it needs changing again and what fluid type was used. You also get a copy on a A4 piece of paper to keep with your paperwork.


Below are some pictures of systems which have been neglected.

The clogged pipe system was flushed and pipes then inspected again for any remaining debris.  This system had had the original fluid in and was 15 years old.  The ALDE 3000 system would overheat and shut down, only when the fluid had cooled again would it then start up again.

The brown fluid in the glass is what was found in one system that was 2 years old, the systems had been filled with water only as there was no glycol content in the liquid.

The damaged boiler is from cleaning the water pipes in the motorhome with Miltons.  This is corrosive to both aluminium and stainless steel and should not be used in your caravan or motorhome.  Instead the use of Puriclean highly recommend as it not only sterilises the pipes but also removes the bio film (the black bits that come out of your taps if not flushed).

Clogged Alde pipes before full system clean

No glycol found in this fluid

Damage caused by cleaning pipes with Miltons fluid