Update 10-06-2020

Hope your all safe. I'm back up and servicing again whilst taking measures to keep you and myself safe in these difficult times. I do have a small back log to get through so please be patient while I get you booked in. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to get booked in or if you think I may have inadvertently forgotten you.

Update 19-04-2020

As I'm sure you are all aware that the govermant said we need a further three weeks lockdown which takes us to the 7th of May.  They have not given any indication as to how or when the lockdown will be lifted.

I have a stratagey in place for when the lock down is lifted for all the customers that were booked in March & April will be prioratised over the bookings in May.  This stratagey if the goverment start to lift the lock down will mean minimum delay between your scheduled booking and the actual date I can service your caravan or motorhome.

When the date for the lock down has been given I will start to contact customers with bookings from March - April in date order.  Most manufactures have given extended periods of leeway for the anual service date.

In the mean time I hope you all stay safe either watching Netflix or carring out the jobs that have been put on the back burner, I have been busy working on my caravan.


Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and the latest goverments guidelines, I have decided to stop working.

I have no wish to put myself and my customers at risk, and given that I travel all over yorkshire and  beyond it is the responsible thing to do. I will be contacting all my customers that are booked in for the coming weeks as soon as I am able. I will help wherever possible with warranty questions, as most manufactures are making allowences for timelines.

If you are a keyworker and are using your caravan or motorhome for self isolating and have problems, please get intouch and I will try my best to help you out.

Wobble Box Services is a mobile caravan and motorhome service based in Huddersfield, near Ainley Top roundabout.  WBS can service your caravan or motorhome at your home, storage or on a caravan site within the Yorkshire area.

As a keen caravaner myself I know the importance of servicing the caravan or motorhome.  There is nothing more upsetting about finding that your caravan has damp issues or something is not working correctly.  This is where WBS can help, by having your pride and joy looked at by a competent person once a year we can find issues before they get too bad and hopefully resolve them in a timely maner.

Getting to your caravan and finding things don’t work when you hook up, is also annoying let alone getting onsite and finding something has broken or just doesn’t seem right.  Again WBS can help by coming out to your home, storage or caravan site and having a look at the problem.  WBS will help you fix or put a temporary solution in place to help you enjoy the rest of your break as sometimes the problem will need a part ordering to resolve the issue.




Wobble Box services has now approved with Whale and Al-Ko.  I will be Dometic approved later in the year.



Wobble Box Services can now carry out your service or habiation check on your Adria.